John Stewart vs. O’Reilley

Stewart may not be Libertarian, but he handles some issues from a semi libertarian perspective. O’Reilley… Well, Stewart asks the question: Why did Fox News not treat Ron Paul better??

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Left vs. Right Political Spectrum: Inadequate and Misleading

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Is the Tea Party Co-Opted by “Better Run Big Government” Types?

Libertarians are for freedom — your right to your own life and labor, and the fruits thereof. These do not belong to the majority of this or that election, some politician catering to special interest, etc.

Here’s a good interview with a defender of liberty — we don’t care what party — who explains the pros and cons of the Tea Party.

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Two Libertarians elected in Houston, PA

Congratulations to Paula Meddings and  Chad M. Roberts — Libertarians elected to borough council in Houston, PA.

Read more about it here:

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I.O.U.S.A. — Fiscal Irresponsibility Starts Locally

“We’re suffering from a fiscal cancer, and if we do not treat it….” Here’s a 30 minute clip of the movie I.O.U.S.A. that lays out how severe the U.S. fiscal situation is. Local governments are no better, and we need to start real change soon, not the same old fiscal irresponsibility. Please watch this clip!

It all starts at the local level. Please get involved.

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A Lesson on School Choice

No doubt the unions hate freedom of people to choose what works vs. what the unions want for their members.

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California Sinks, U.S. to Follow

At least unless things start changing very soon.

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Republican and Democrats Grow Deficit to the Moon

Pittsburgh knows deficits. In the end, you can’t spend yourself to riches or indebt yourself to wealth. Neither the Republicans or Democrats seem to be capable of real change.

But it can change with Libertarian candidates, and it all starts locally. Vote Pittsburgh Libertarians!

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Wholefoods Healthcare: Problem Solved

Unions don’t care much for Wholefoods since they’re a non union shop. Watch this video about how Wholefoods manages to provide excellent health care for its workers without the force of government that the unions use to make their employers less efficient. Americans have figured it out: Whatever benefits unions get for their employees comes at the expense of he rest of the citizens in a country. Customers subsidize whatever benefits the government enables unions to haul away because of the absurd pro-union legislation that dominates most of the country. The gig is up.

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Live From the September 12 Taxpayer March on Washington

From the September 12, 2009 March on D.C.

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