Bob Bar at CMU

In October 2008, Libertarian presidential candidate, Bob Barr, came to Pittsburgh to speak. Here’s a video that takes us back to that election of 2008. Are you still content with your vote for change?

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Government Licenses, Regulates Floral Arrangers

Yes. That ever critical area where the government needs to protect us all — from the poorly arranged flower arrangement.

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Advice to Tea Party Movement

Many Tea Party folks are actually libertarians. They either just don’t know it, or they continue to delude themselves into believing that “this time it’ll be different” by voting republican or democrat.

Folks, they take you for granted, and always will. Both are for big government. Both are quasi authoritarian, believing that so long as the majority votes a certain way, that gives them the authority to revoke your rights and confiscate the fruits of your labor, a form of delayed slavery. (So you’re in the 35% or higher tax bracket when you add up all your taxes — federal, state, local, social security, medicare, sales taxes, real estate taxes, the loss of purchasing power in the $$ when they print $$ trillions to bailout politically connected banks…. Why tolerate being a 35% slave?? Do you really need them to tell you how to contribute to charity? Or to pick the best way to pay for this or that? And should you not have the right to avoid contributing to wasteful pork or special interest projects? And why should you be forced to use this school or that, or pay well above market price to hire this employee or that, just because they work for a govt. connected union? And on and on…)

Only Libertarians believe in smaller, less intrusive government in every situation. The only exception is when someone is taking away your right to consent — things like theft, robbery, murder, rape, slavery, extortion, or fraud. These are crimes that violate your right to consent — your right to life, liberty, and the fruits of your own labor.

Unfortunately, we launder many of these same criminal actions through the voting booth via democracy — as if that somehow cleanses the immorality of what’s really going on!

Enough is enough! Vote Libertarian!

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Teamsters Want You to Pay More for Fed Ex

Care to know how Big Government is about to make your costs go up in order to win a few votes from the Teamsters? Democrats and Republicans are both responsible for allowing government to get this big. Neither want to disarm Big Government since each party wants the power to abscond with your freedoms and wealth for their own purposes.

For the AP Article on this give-away of your hard earned money, read this:

Vote Libertarian! Vote freedom! Vote Consent. It all starts locally.

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Able Bodied Workers Choose Jobless Pay over Real Jobs

Republicans and democrats always like focus on a small part of the results of their costly government programs. They always dress up the benefits without ever looking at the real costs.

Take jobless benefits, for example. Both parties are quick to approve endless jobless benefits extensions during this crisis always suggesting that if it was not for the benefits, the consequences would be awful.

Now, we’re not going to quickly dismiss the difficulty individuals and their families experience when a job is lost. Nobody wants to go through that, especially if there are few savings to fall back on. And that’s why Democrats and Republicans are quick to take other citizens money and give it to those who lost their jobs.

But what they never consider are the unseen costs. These costs, libertarians point out, end up being worse than the problem the two big parties claim to be solving.

How so?

When money is taken from business and individuals and redirected to those who just lost their jobs, a few things happen.

First, business have less money to grow. Money they might have spent expanding the business is instead redirected. Instead of hiring someone new with their savings in an industry that actually is generating jobs and wealth, these businesses savings are redirected to pay people to not to work. Now, that’s not the objective of most on jobless benefits. Many simply can’t find work — because the money redirected to them can’t be used to hire them!

Money taken from individuals and redirected to jobless benefits works the same way. That money would have been spent in functioning business, used to buy things that people actually want and need. Instead, it’s redirected to hold people on jobless benefits.

Of course, with the Federal Reserve printing money that’s being used to help finance the Federal Deficit (too complicated to dig into in depth via this simple post), well — those dollars printed out of thin air get their purchasing power at the expense of existing dollar holders, spending power redirected from the functioning economy to the jobless benefits.

So, while republicans and democrats point out all the people they are helping, while earning votes from those receiving benefits (as well as those kind-hearted folks who have been mislead into believing that voting for this junk-economics is actually doing good), in reality these major parties are doing nothing more than turning real jobs into government welfare. Instead, we should look at such programs as job killers! Continue reading

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Libertarian Economics: Different from Mainstream “Free Lunch Myth” Economics

Libertarians have a different view of economics than those who benefit from the mainstream view of economics — a view promoted and embraced those who are beneficiaries of big banks (and the Federal Reserve) and big government, which is the same view taught in our government schools to our children. That philosophy is rooted in the theories of John Maynard Keynes, a Fabian Socialist who believed that a nation could spend its way to riches, and indebt itself to wealth. If the the economy slows too much? Turn to counterfeiting — print money out of thin air via the Fed, with the big banks getting to play with it first before it devalues as it circulates through the economy. People in the economy want to slow down and start saving to be extra safe? Have the politicians pay off their special interest constituencies with even more deficit spending, sticking our kids and grandkids even further into debt slavery.

Here’s another interview with libertarian economics buff Peter Schiff discussing the problem.

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Here’s Your War on Drugs at Work…

The Libertarian Party is not a fan of many of the drug war laws in the United States, believing that they create too many criminals out of otherwise consenting adults.  Not that we condone the use of drugs (or the abuse for that matter — any more than we’d condone the misuse or abuse of alcohol).  It’s the fact that prohibitions create black markets for otherwise worthless substances.  Rather than taking  away the incentive to push all sorts of things on your friends, family (children at school), the profits created by the War on Drugs give every person willing to take a shortcut to wealth the perfect incentive to get people hooked on the junk.

And then there is the ugliest side of the War on Drugs: further erosion of basic liberties, and the mainstreaming of authoritarian behavior in the culture to the points where many citizens watching the video above will think the actions of the police above are perfectly justified, or at worst, are a tolerable casualty  — tolerable collateral damage for a good cause.

Above is video from a February raid in Missouri.  The Balko site captions:

SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as a seven-year-old looks on. They found a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment.

And advocates:

I’d urge you to watch it, and to send it to the drug warriors in your life. This is the blunt-end result of all the war imagery and militaristic rhetoric politicians have been spewing for the last 30 years—cops dressed like soldiers, barreling through the front door middle of the night, slaughtering the family pets, filling the house with bullets in the presence of children, then having the audacity to charge the parents with endangering their own kid. There are 100-150 of these raids every day in America, the vast, vast majority like this one, to serve a warrant for a consensual crime. But they did prevent Jonathan Whitworth from smoking the pot they found in his possession. So I guess this mission was a success.

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More Regulation Won’t Solve Problem of Government Favoritism in Banking

Peter Schiff raises some good points, asking why we should trust the government to solve the problems of the financial sector when the system is deliberately skewed to allow big banks via the Federal Reserve to prosper at everyone else’s expense. These same regulators couldn’t identify the largest bubble ever to exist on earth, and we’re supposed to believe they’ll actually do a good job watching over the most powerful industry with some of the greatest political connections in D.C.? Half of those behind the government bailouts were bailing out good friends and colleagues on Wall Street with whom they used to work!

What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and again and expecting a different result with each try.

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Contrary to popular belief, ObamEnomics are not all that different from George Bush’s: Pandering to Big Banking still rules the roost, while legislation proposed does nothing to deal with the real problem — The Big Banks will still have their hands in the pockets of Big Government, while the extra tape added to the system will only hamstring smaller competitors unable to curry political favor with the anointed political class doling out billions of taxpayer money while the Federal Reserve prints out $ trillions of fresh dollars from thin air, which gain their purchasing power at the expense of the common man.

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Warm and Fuzzy Tax Collection

This should make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Problem with such efforts is what it implies: the government sees fit to know every little detail about you, tax scofflaw or not.

Perhaps if people actually felt the taxes they were paying were getting more of something they wanted, they’d more gladly pay.

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