We’ll soon be adding positions on local issues that are meaningful to the regions, including:

  • The Tunnel To Nowhere (a.k.a. the Northside Extension)
  • Regional Development (and Corporate Welfare)
  • Property Tax
  • Education and Schools

One Response to Issues

  1. Jay Diaz says:

    I agree with all the issues that have been discussed especially about following the constitution. Some of our programs that we have go against the constitution and Demogratic party knows that we have some programs that were created and worked around the constitution. People don’t understand what they original constitution ment and what it means now. Everyone has their own way of understanding the constitution. The government has to much power and made to many laws against the constitution I don’t agree with for example, weed should be allowed to be used in medicines but since it is illegal to have it know one get use in medicine. It helps relax people of what I have been told by older people. At one time it was legal but not now. Also taxing everything. Making taxes higher isn’t going to solve anything it just makes things worse and more expensive. Try lowering taxes. Once you would gain more business and business would have a chance to grow which creates more job opportunities. Try thinking before reacting.

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