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Pork Party in D.C. Goes on Unabated

Whichever of the two big parties running the majority at the asylum on the Potomac is not in charge tends to be for full disclosure of the details behind “earmarking” — the practice where politicians attach (hide, really) their own … Continue reading

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State Employees

This one is titled State Employees, but it could just as easily be titled “Consequences of the Nanny State.”

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Drunk on Spending

Tired of the spending binges organized by democrats and republicans at all levels of government? Here’s the solution:

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Your Brain on Government

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What is Libertarian Philosophy?

Libertarians believe some things are too important to trade for votes… Like your freedom and liberty. After all, someone who claims superior rights to the fruits of your labor — be it through taxes or how you use your private … Continue reading

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