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Republican and Democrats Grow Deficit to the Moon

Pittsburgh knows deficits. In the end, you can’t spend yourself to riches or indebt yourself to wealth. Neither the Republicans or Democrats seem to be capable of real change. But it can change with Libertarian candidates, and it all starts … Continue reading

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It is Good to See Freedom is Still Valued

Above is the Ron Paul donation clock as the hours pass for the Boston Tea Party fund raiser. at 12:00 p.m. today it was at $13.85 million, having already raised over $2 million. By 4:38 p.m. it was at $15.213 … Continue reading

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We Can’t Argue With Ron Paul

Why would a Libertarian Party website post a video of a Republican presidential candidate? He may be a Republican by Party, but he’s Libertarian by action. Libertarians believe the job of government is exclusively to protect the freedom, liberty, and … Continue reading

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Drunk on Spending

Tired of the spending binges organized by democrats and republicans at all levels of government? Here’s the solution:

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Feeling Politically Homeless?

Did you Feel Politically Homeless in the Past Election? Have you had it with your vote being betrayed, or being forced with a lousy choice between the lesser of two evils? Did you hate of being stuck with…. A Choice … Continue reading

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