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The Liberty-Stealing Commerce Clause

We found the above interview to be telling. The constitution was initially designed to protect individual freedoms — your innate (God Given, many argue) right to your body, the fruits your labor (e.g., you’re not a slave in any portion … Continue reading

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I.O.U.S.A. — Fiscal Irresponsibility Starts Locally

“We’re suffering from a fiscal cancer, and if we do not treat it….” Here’s a 30 minute clip of the movie I.O.U.S.A. that lays out how severe the U.S. fiscal situation is. Local governments are no better, and we need to start real change soon, not the same old fiscal irresponsibility. Please watch this clip! Continue reading

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A Lesson on School Choice

No doubt the unions hate freedom of people to choose what works vs. what the unions want for their members.

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Republican and Democrats Grow Deficit to the Moon

Pittsburgh knows deficits. In the end, you can’t spend yourself to riches or indebt yourself to wealth. Neither the Republicans or Democrats seem to be capable of real change. But it can change with Libertarian candidates, and it all starts … Continue reading

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Patriotism: The last refuge of the scoundrel

Extraordinary Power and Privacy Grab. That’s exactly what the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) is.  FISA empowers the government to spy on U.S. citizens communications — their emails, phone calls, etc. As Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr, notes in the … Continue reading

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The Definition of Insanity: LP Presidential Debate on The War on Drugs

Here’s some very sober thinking on the Drug War at a recent Libertarian presidential candidate debate. Sober thinking on a crucial subject while Congress is busy-bodying itself on steroid scandals.

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A Note to Disgruntled Republicans About Liberty

Every Republican I’ve spoken to is mystified that John McCain has sewn up the Republican nomination. For his entire career, he has been more statist on both domestic and foreign policy than even the typical Republican. He has been considered … Continue reading

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Antitrust Laws Actually Promote Monopoly

We thank the Three Rivers Post and Standard for Allowing this reprint of their material on our site. Above is a worthy discussion about the anti-consumer / pro big and connected business fraud that is anti-monopoly legislation with Ron Paul. … Continue reading

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Government Monopolies Don’t Like Competition

So in the land of free, you think you might be able to play a little poker, especially to raise money for a charitable cause… Well, unless the “Land of the Free” is a slogan in memory only. That’s the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul: Libertarian or Republican? Does it Matter?

That’s Ron Paul on a recent episode of CBS’s “Meet the Press.” Libertarian ideas are libertarian Ideas, and Ron Paul generally speaks them well. That’s what makes the Libertarian Party different than other political parties. We are not about power … Continue reading

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