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LTE: Unfair to victims

While supporters and opponents of self-defense rights squabble with the court over the legal standing to challenge the criminalization of not reporting firearm theft (“NRA Loses Gun Law Battle,” July 22), few recognize the absurdity of what this ordinance really … Continue reading

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Ron Paul in City Paper

A local member of the LP forwarded this LTE to the City Paper regarding a recent article worth reading on Ron Paul:   Thank you for the great article on Ron Paul by Charlie Deitch.  He obviously put a lot … Continue reading

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Global foolery

As published by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Climatologist Timothy Ball made an astute observation about the strategy shift that sunspot-deniers are applying to global warming (“The politics of global warming,” Q&A, Feb. 10 and He noticed they “switched from … Continue reading

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Real Voting Problem: Candidate Discrimination

As published in the PIttsburgh Post Gazette, December 25, 2006 The real voting problem: third-party or independent candidates are shut out Paper ballots may stop votes disappearing from recounts (“In Praise of Paper” by Bruce Schneier, Dec. 3 Forum), but … Continue reading

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Politician cameras?

As Run in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Thursday, December 21, 2006 Pittsburgh Councilman Bill Peduto’s traffic cameras are a bad idea (“Drivers will hate Kodak moments,” Mike Seate column, Dec. 14 and They are, at best, the law enforcement … Continue reading

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