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Contrary to popular belief, ObamEnomics are not all that different from George Bush’s: Pandering to Big Banking still rules the roost, while legislation proposed does nothing to deal with the real problem — The Big Banks will still have their … Continue reading

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Who Owns You?

The question of who owns your body — the government, voters, or you — is asked in a different way in this Reason TV Video. Libertarians believe you own you, and by inference you own the byproducts of you — … Continue reading

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Ron Paul: Libertarian or Republican? Does it Matter?

That’s Ron Paul on a recent episode of CBS’s “Meet the Press.” Libertarian ideas are libertarian Ideas, and Ron Paul generally speaks them well. That’s what makes the Libertarian Party different than other political parties. We are not about power … Continue reading

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More Consumer Freedom for Beer Sales

A recent poll was commissioned by the Malt Beverage Distributors Association of Pennsylvania [MBDAP] to gage public sentiment on allowing beer sales in supermarkets and convenience stores. The poll, run by Terry Moddonna’s opinion research firm, found that a majority … Continue reading

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Libertarians Say “No!” to Drink Tax Bailout of Inefficient Government Transportation

Private businesses and citizens are scrambling to protect their pocket books as local politicians seek ways of dodging the real problems of public transit (e.g. government supplied transportation) — an inefficient and bloated socialist model — by using a drink … Continue reading

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