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Here’s Your War on Drugs at Work…

The Libertarian Party is not a fan of many of the drug war laws in the United States, believing that they create too many criminals out of otherwise consenting adults.  Not that we condone the use of drugs (or the … Continue reading

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Warm and Fuzzy Tax Collection

This should make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Problem with such efforts is what it implies: the government sees fit to know every little detail about you, tax scofflaw or not. Perhaps if people actually felt the taxes they … Continue reading

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Left vs. Right Political Spectrum: Inadequate and Misleading

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Is the Tea Party Co-Opted by “Better Run Big Government” Types?

Libertarians are for freedom — your right to your own life and labor, and the fruits thereof. These do not belong to the majority of this or that election, some politician catering to special interest, etc. Here’s a good interview … Continue reading

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Bob Barr Coming to Pittsburgh Friday, October 10 at CMU!

Bob Barr’s campaign has announced that Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr, will be speaking on the CMU campus for the CMU political lecture series on Friday evening. The event is open to the public, and there will be a meet … Continue reading

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The Definition of Insanity: LP Presidential Debate on The War on Drugs

Here’s some very sober thinking on the Drug War at a recent Libertarian presidential candidate debate. Sober thinking on a crucial subject while Congress is busy-bodying itself on steroid scandals.

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Who Owns You?

The question of who owns your body — the government, voters, or you — is asked in a different way in this Reason TV Video. Libertarians believe you own you, and by inference you own the byproducts of you — … Continue reading

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Study: Pennsylvania Turnpike Is Among Least Cost-Efficient Toll Roads in U.S.

Los Angeles (April 10, 2008) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike is one of the country’s least cost-efficient toll roads, spending a whopping 62.4 percent of its toll revenues on operating and maintenance costs. Of 35 toll roads studied, only the Massachusetts … Continue reading

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A Note to Disgruntled Republicans About Liberty

Every Republican I’ve spoken to is mystified that John McCain has sewn up the Republican nomination. For his entire career, he has been more statist on both domestic and foreign policy than even the typical Republican. He has been considered … Continue reading

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Police State is as Police State Does

Here’s a nice video of tax dollars at work. A male driver with a pregnant wife and child in an SUV who is pulled over by the police attempts to clarify why he’s been pulled over and, absent a satisfactory … Continue reading

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