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California Sinks, U.S. to Follow

At least unless things start changing very soon.

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Study: Pennsylvania Turnpike Is Among Least Cost-Efficient Toll Roads in U.S.

Los Angeles (April 10, 2008) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike is one of the country’s least cost-efficient toll roads, spending a whopping 62.4 percent of its toll revenues on operating and maintenance costs. Of 35 toll roads studied, only the Massachusetts … Continue reading

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A Note to Disgruntled Republicans About Liberty

Every Republican I’ve spoken to is mystified that John McCain has sewn up the Republican nomination. For his entire career, he has been more statist on both domestic and foreign policy than even the typical Republican. He has been considered … Continue reading

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Antitrust Laws Actually Promote Monopoly

We thank the Three Rivers Post and Standard for Allowing this reprint of their material on our site. Above is a worthy discussion about the anti-consumer / pro big and connected business fraud that is anti-monopoly legislation with Ron Paul. … Continue reading

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The Coming Meltdown in Government Entitlements

Libertarians are fiscal realists. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch, yet when it comes to politicians and voters, the siren song of “free this” or “free that” is apparently too tempting, especially when melded with … Continue reading

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