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I.O.U.S.A. — Fiscal Irresponsibility Starts Locally

“We’re suffering from a fiscal cancer, and if we do not treat it….” Here’s a 30 minute clip of the movie I.O.U.S.A. that lays out how severe the U.S. fiscal situation is. Local governments are no better, and we need to start real change soon, not the same old fiscal irresponsibility. Please watch this clip! Continue reading

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California Sinks, U.S. to Follow

At least unless things start changing very soon.

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Republican and Democrats Grow Deficit to the Moon

Pittsburgh knows deficits. In the end, you can’t spend yourself to riches or indebt yourself to wealth. Neither the Republicans or Democrats seem to be capable of real change. But it can change with Libertarian candidates, and it all starts … Continue reading

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Free Money!

Remember this guy??

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Debating Taxes is like Debating Smoke Detector Models in a Burning House

Local member Mark Crowly had a letter to the editor published in response to a lefty call for more progressive taxation in the Tribune Review. In his response, Mark pointed out: “Debating tax apportionment is like debating what model smoke … Continue reading

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