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Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman

Ron Paul is as close to libertarian as you’ll find on the topic of the economy.  Here’s a discussion between Ron Paul and socialist Keynesian economist, Paul Krugman. He forwards the ideas that liberty in markets are the most appropriate … Continue reading

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IRS Revokes Citizenship, Ignores Constitution

With tax day tomorrow: Thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a recently passed Senate bill, the suitably Orwellian entitled ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act’, includes a provision that allows the federal government to revoke passports … Continue reading

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Government Escalators: Fail

Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Kennedy appeared on Fox Business’ Stossel show to discuss the latest video, D.C. Escalator Nightmare, and why switching from private contractors to government mechanics is partially to blame for the METRO’s infrastructure woes. Gillespie wraps … Continue reading

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Govt Steals Guitar Wood from Private Company

Too hard to believe, until you remember Gibson Guitars is dealing with government bureaucracy and another stupid law passed by Congress! Pay special attention to the forms guitar players need to carry with them or risk losing their guitars! Libertarian-oriented … Continue reading

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The Liberty-Stealing Commerce Clause

We found the above interview to be telling. The constitution was initially designed to protect individual freedoms — your innate (God Given, many argue) right to your body, the fruits your labor (e.g., you’re not a slave in any portion … Continue reading

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Politicians Attempt to Silence Ethics Office

So here goes another attempt by those in Congress to prevent anyone from the outside from shining the light on corruption within the “hallowed halls”. WASHINGTON (AP) – Stung by a series of inquiries, nearly half the members of the … Continue reading

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Great Video on the Dire Economic Situation of the U.S. — ACT NOW!

The libertarians (philosophical) and the Libertarian Party (the political extension of the philosophy) and its economic sub-philosophy (also called Austrian Economics) have all warned about the recklessness of mainstream economics and mainstream politics.   Voters have been hoodwinked into believing  that … Continue reading

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Bob Bar at CMU

In October 2008, Libertarian presidential candidate, Bob Barr, came to Pittsburgh to speak. Here’s a video that takes us back to that election of 2008. Are you still content with your vote for change?

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Government Licenses, Regulates Floral Arrangers

Yes. That ever critical area where the government needs to protect us all — from the poorly arranged flower arrangement.

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Advice to Tea Party Movement

Many Tea Party folks are actually libertarians. They either just don’t know it, or they continue to delude themselves into believing that “this time it’ll be different” by voting republican or democrat. Folks, they take you for granted, and always … Continue reading

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