Libertarians follow the principles set forth by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, wherein he stated that individuals have inalienable rights, and that the purpose of government is to secure these rights. We hold that this is the sole purpose of government, and that there is no role for government in solving social problems. Accordingly, we advocate limited government, and defend the rights of individuals.

A philosophy of freedom If you think heavy regulation, high taxes and corporate and social welfare is the job of governments, then you’re at the wrong place. If you think the $200 million tunnel under the river to the North Side is a good use of tax dollars, perhaps you’ll want to move on to a different site.Its not that we lack compassion or want consumers or workers to get the short end of the stick, or think economic development is bad. We just don’t think government force is the best fix for such problems since it is always for sale to the most politically connected, and its solutions always involve taking away your freedoms and money, often creating unaccountable and inefficient monopolies that only make the problems worse.

But we started out saying our party believes in a philosophy of freedom. Here’s why that’s so important to libertarians, and why it should matter for you each election going forward: