The Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh is the official Pennsylvania Libertarian Party chapter representing Allegheny County and Pittsburgh Libertarians.

Libertarians believe that the Western Pennsylvania region’s growth has been stunted by too much government intervention – a common problem nationwide, but made dramatically worse near total one-party (democrat) rule in both city and county government for over 75 years. This has resulted in a business-choking and population-draining tax and labor environments, as well as in extreme excess in all things government related. The region has more government costs and employees per capita than any other metropolitan area of similar size.

The few new businesses and jobs that are moving into the region are, more often than not, subsidized by existing taxpaying business and citizens in order to lure them in. In a shrinking population environment, this merely redistributes the existing pie among those politically connected enough to qualify for such benefits. The sorry truth of such “regional development initiatives” is that many existing businesses’ taxes are being used to subsidize their competition, often driving the original employers under. Such corporate-welfare is hardly an incentive for culturing local businesses that aren’t interested in paying tribute to politics and feeding at the taxpayer trough. The region’s lagging economy and population is solid proof that people don’t like having their hard work redistributed in the game of politics.

Of course, such problems are enabled by politicians at the local, city, county and state levels. Hence, it is the mission of the Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh to assist local candidates seeking offices at those levels who believe in the libertarian philosophy of reducing the role of government in our lives. We also engage in issue related activism on the local level.

Today it seems too many voters have forgotten that the United States was founded in a philosophy that opposed suppressing liberty and freedom to satisfy the whims of the popularly elected majority. Regardless of how noble or high-minded the objective, such ends never were supposed to be allowed to justify freedom oppressing means.

With that in mind, if you are an individual who believes that governments in the United States have forgotten that their role is to govern at the consent the individual, and then, primarily to protect each individual’s rights of freedom and liberty to such consent, we’d be glad to meet you. Please contact us using the form below.