Meeting minutes – 7/19/17

Officers present – David Vesely, Christina Calise
At large officers – Henry Haller, Harold Kyriazi, Dave Eckhardt

15 members and guests present

Old news – The process of getting the party recognized as the official Libertarian party of Allegheny County was discussed. All that remains is filing one more piece of paper which Michael Bohnert will have completed by the end of the week.

Discussed collecting ballot petition signatures for Drew Miller (Commonwealth Court). It is unknown where he stands at the moment so the party discussed how to improve its efforts at getting candidates onto their respective ballots. Having a calendar of events will allow the party to make goals and plans for events and collecting petition signatures to eliminate the need to rush before deadlines. David Vesely will make and keep a yearly calendar of events.

A couple of guests were members of Pitt Students for Liberty and the members present discussed the best way to continue supporting and working with university groups in the greater Pittsburgh area. One of the mentioned guests (Josh Guckert) will check with Pitt SFL if they have a table for rush week and if the need anything that the LP can provide. David Vesely will do the same for Duquesne Liberty Alliance and Point Park Young Americans for Liberty.

In order to better keep party board members in touch with each other, current on upcoming meetings and events, and bring some accountability to the board, David V. proposed having a conference call a week before the regular meeting. After discussion with everyone present, no date could be decided upon so Cristina will make a doodle to send to all members to facilitate choosing a date. It was also decided that a call was unnecessary so a facebook group chat will be used instead.

To keep in touch with guests who show up for meetings but may not know as many members and are then less likely to return, Christina will print out sign in sheets which will be kept in the calendar binder.

David V. will set up recurring Facebook events for the meeting in conjunction with


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