Politicians Attempt to Silence Ethics Office

So here goes another attempt by those in Congress to prevent anyone from the outside from shining the light on corruption within the “hallowed halls”.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Stung by a series of inquiries, nearly half the members of the Congressional Black Caucus want to rein in an independent ethics office that Democrats trumpeted after gaining control of Congress.

Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, and 19 fellow black lawmakers in the all-Democratic caucus quietly introduced a resolution last week that would restrict the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics to open new investigations and make its findings public. The office, formed by Congress in 2008, is run by a panel of private citizens….

…Since its inception, the ethics office has investigated at least eight black caucus members, including veteran Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., and five others in that group over privately funded trips to the Caribbean. Many of them are among the co-sponsors of Fudge’s resolution, although Rangel is not….

…The ethics office essentially serves as an advisory board to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, a congressional committee run by lawmakers who are charged with policing their colleagues.

The citizen-run ethics panel is far more open than the notoriously secretive standards committee, publicizing its findings after referring them to the ethics committee.

The resolution would make it harder for the ethics office to initiate investigations, requiring a sworn complaint from a citizen claiming personal knowledge of an alleged violation. That could prevent complaints from watchdog groups, for example.

It would also prevent the standards committee from taking a referral from the ethics office within 60 days before an election in which the subject of the case is a candidate.

Corruption runs deep in Congress, and is certainly not limited to these members of the “Black Caucus”. Laws that shine the light on corruption are hated by those with power since it exposes the true nature of Big Government. The more the truth is seen by average Americans, the less they like Big Government and the associated power.

It’s time to unseat that corruption. Vote the only true party of small government. Vote Libertarian!

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