Great Video on the Dire Economic Situation of the U.S. — ACT NOW!

The libertarians (philosophical) and the Libertarian Party (the political extension of the philosophy) and its economic sub-philosophy (also called Austrian Economics) have all warned about the recklessness of mainstream economics and mainstream politics.   Voters have been hoodwinked into believing  that there is a serious difference between republicans and democrats.

On some issues related to government growth, each party has pressed for absurd amounts of growth.  When it comes to neoconservative foreign policy, for example, where the United States intervenes globally (and directly) into other nations’ politics, influencing elections, overthrowing their governments, and supporting outright wars that kill thousands of their citizens for a myriad of supposedly noble purposes, the republicans are quick to ignore the problems of Big Government and liberty killing policies at home. and especially abroad.   Democrats talk a good game, but if (on a scale of 1-10) the republicans want to grow this part of Big Government at a 10, Democrats will settle for a pace of 5-8 pretty regularly, telling their constituency they’re fighting hard against such initiatives.  Nobody is fighting for zero, or for what’s really needed (as clearly indicated in the video above) a  negative (-) 7 to (-)10!  The same might be pointed out about the bailout of the banking industry.

Meanwhile, when democrats have some harebrained spending idea, boondoggle or otherwise, the self -proclaimed party of small government (hard to believe the republicans get away with this name), the republicans gladly settle for growing government at a page of +7, calling that a victory vs. the democrats intent to grow it for those programs at +10.  Welfare, health-care (yes, it was the republicans who pushed for the bankrupting prescription drugs program) , bailouts, Freddie and Fannie, etc. etc. etc., were all rubber stamped by republicans who compromised to avoid making their next elections more difficult, or so they could tag onto some lousy bill a myriad of unrelated spending programs that they want to have passed.  Both parties chronically trade their votes on bills they’re constituencies don’t want in exchange for getting other politicians votes for spending bills their constituencies do want.

And around and around it goes, with only the Libertarian Party and a small handful of politicians who are really philosophically libertarian (such as Ron Paul) pointing out the real consequences.  The rest of the politicians — your democrats and republicans — take the attitude that if they can push the problem off to the future — even if they know it will blow up or saddle your children and grandchildren with slave levels of debt, — those politicians will choose  winning an election today and gathering more power today vs. doing what is right.

The consequences of 75++ years of politics as usual is what this grim video is about.  Watch it and learn.  And BE SCARED.  Your Government and its trusty elected officials have thoroughly sent this once great nation into a tailspin.  Local politicians are equally guilty, choosing easy election wins by appeasing government unions (and their wayyyy overpriced benefits) instead of dealing taxpayers a fair deal.

Again, please watch this video and Learn what the mainstream media ignores, and learn about the legacy both Republicans and Democrats want to sweep under the rug — how they have both ruined this nation by selling it off to highest bidders, enshrining corporatism and banker-ism (to coin a word) at the expense of the common man, while at the same time hooking to poor and less educated on a stream of welfare that is the modern plantation:  You give them your vote, they give you a pittance of an income, while they hack away to fund it all at the expense of small businesses and an ever-shrinking middle class that increasingly finds itself dependent on more govt. handouts.

The only solution?  Vote Libertarian!  It all starts locally, so please start now!

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