Advice to Tea Party Movement

Many Tea Party folks are actually libertarians. They either just don’t know it, or they continue to delude themselves into believing that “this time it’ll be different” by voting republican or democrat.

Folks, they take you for granted, and always will. Both are for big government. Both are quasi authoritarian, believing that so long as the majority votes a certain way, that gives them the authority to revoke your rights and confiscate the fruits of your labor, a form of delayed slavery. (So you’re in the 35% or higher tax bracket when you add up all your taxes — federal, state, local, social security, medicare, sales taxes, real estate taxes, the loss of purchasing power in the $$ when they print $$ trillions to bailout politically connected banks…. Why tolerate being a 35% slave?? Do you really need them to tell you how to contribute to charity? Or to pick the best way to pay for this or that? And should you not have the right to avoid contributing to wasteful pork or special interest projects? And why should you be forced to use this school or that, or pay well above market price to hire this employee or that, just because they work for a govt. connected union? And on and on…)

Only Libertarians believe in smaller, less intrusive government in every situation. The only exception is when someone is taking away your right to consent — things like theft, robbery, murder, rape, slavery, extortion, or fraud. These are crimes that violate your right to consent — your right to life, liberty, and the fruits of your own labor.

Unfortunately, we launder many of these same criminal actions through the voting booth via democracy — as if that somehow cleanses the immorality of what’s really going on!

Enough is enough! Vote Libertarian!

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