Libertarian Economics: Different from Mainstream “Free Lunch Myth” Economics

Libertarians have a different view of economics than those who benefit from the mainstream view of economics — a view promoted and embraced those who are beneficiaries of big banks (and the Federal Reserve) and big government, which is the same view taught in our government schools to our children. That philosophy is rooted in the theories of John Maynard Keynes, a Fabian Socialist who believed that a nation could spend its way to riches, and indebt itself to wealth. If the the economy slows too much? Turn to counterfeiting — print money out of thin air via the Fed, with the big banks getting to play with it first before it devalues as it circulates through the economy. People in the economy want to slow down and start saving to be extra safe? Have the politicians pay off their special interest constituencies with even more deficit spending, sticking our kids and grandkids even further into debt slavery.

Here’s another interview with libertarian economics buff Peter Schiff discussing the problem.

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