LTE: Unfair to victims

While supporters and opponents of self-defense rights squabble with the court over the legal standing to challenge the criminalization of not reporting firearm theft (“NRA Loses Gun Law Battle,” July 22), few recognize the absurdity of what this ordinance really represents.

That absurdity is made clear when applying it to other crimes. Imagine laws requiring that within 24 hours:

• A woman reports her rape or she goes to jail.

• A car theft victim reports the theft or he permanently loses his driver’s license.

• Parents report their child’s kidnapping or their remaining children will be taken from them.

• A newspaper corrects a factual error or it’s denied the right to publish.

The justice system in this country is based on the premise that it’s better to let a few guilty go free than to let the innocent be wrongfully punished.

Failure-to-report laws pervert that premise by redefining crime victims as criminals. It’s appalling how many politicians and newspapers reject that premise.


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