Tell Congress not to give in to the Dark Side

Not a big fan of the freedom and privacy grabbing FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) that is cruising through Congress? [Learn more about FISAs Orwellian features by clicking this text.] Here is a draft letter you can send to your Senators (please pass it around!):

Dear Senator:

I do not support the rewriting of the FISA bill. Exaggerated statements about mushroom clouds aside, the administration has failed to show how the current FISA statutes do not allow sufficient intelligence gathering. Current FISA law allows wiretapping to begin before judicial
approval is granted, contrary to the administration’s characterization. Oversight of the Executive Branch is one of the core functions of the Judicial branch, and the credible threat of being made to answer for one’s actions is one of the big differences between our style of
government and, say, Saddam Hussein’s style.

The worst part of the bill is the retroactive immunity granted to the telecomm companies, whose counsel MUST have known that the administration’s requests were illegal (this is why Qwest refused). Granting this immunity will prevent any information about possible crimes committed by the administration from coming to light, all other avenues have been closed off by classifying everything in sight.

Equal protection under the law is a cornerstone of our society. The rewritten FISA bill will make some more equal than others.

I support Senator Feingold’s and Senator Dodd’s filibuster of this legislation, and vow to vote against any who support it.

In Liberty,
Dave Powell
Chairman, LP-PGH

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  1. dpowell says:

    OK, seriously, here’s a page to find your senator:

    Do it. Now. Come on. Really. Write them.

  2. dpowell says:

    This is crossposted from the campaignforliberty meetup by Robert, who is pretty on the ball:

    This is a great letter Dave! Keep in mind though that Casey and Specter already voted aye on the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Your last sentence can therefore be a little more demanding, e.g., I do not support your vote on the FISA legislation and urge you to support this filibuster else I will vote AND campaign against you in the next Senatorial election. [Specter’s term is up in 2010 and Casey’s term is up in 2012]

    -Thanks, Robert!

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