It is Good to See Freedom is Still Valued

Above is the Ron Paul donation clock as the hours pass for the Boston Tea Party fund raiser. at 12:00 p.m. today it was at $13.85 million, having already raised over $2 million. By 4:38 p.m. it was at $15.213 million.

Libertarians are about freedom and liberty… We’re for you’re right to say “no thanks” to bureaucrats and meddlers (and worse) who like to round up voters so they can hijack democracy and rife into to your wallet and rights. To libertarians, the government has one job: to protect your right as an individual to say “no thanks!” That means protecting your life, property, and rights of freedom and liberty — something it hardly does in its current form.

Libertarians being a party of such principles can’t help but be pleased to see Ron Paul, a Republican, doing well on a platform we support. It is a platform so rare today among Republicans and Democrats — and rarer than it was in the early 1970s when we were formed. But do we can that Ron Paul is an R? Nope. He’s an L at heart and in action, and for most of us, that’s what counts. Go message of freedom and liberty! Go Ron Paul!

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