Ron Paul: Libertarian or Republican? Does it Matter?

That’s Ron Paul on a recent episode of CBS’s “Meet the Press.” Libertarian ideas are libertarian Ideas, and Ron Paul generally speaks them well. That’s what makes the Libertarian Party different than other political parties. We are not about power and political convenience “just to get elected.” We are about a belief system of freedom, liberty, and the right to say no thanks. We believe the government’s sole role is to protect your freedom to live consensually among your fellow citizens without threat to body or property — that fundamental right to be yourself and think for yourself. Hence, you’ll find libertarians use the terms “small l libertarians” and “big L Libertarians”, with the former being those who believe in libertarian ideas of freedom, and the latter being Libertarian Party members.

Ron Paul agrees with us on freedom and very much on government’s role. He may be an R by party affiliation, but he is a libertarian at heart.

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