Police State is as Police State Does

Here’s a nice video of tax dollars at work. A male driver with a pregnant wife and child in an SUV who is pulled over by the police attempts to clarify why he’s been pulled over and, absent a satisfactory answer, refuses to sign the ticket he’s given. The police officer immediately requests he exit the vehicle and turn his back and place his hands behind his head, during which the driver merely attempts to engage the officer in order to defuse the escalation and restate his concern. The officer draws his taser and begins threatening the man, who now is very concerned about being misunderstood. Then, in seconds, with zero threat to his own safety, the police officer proceeds to jolt the driver with 500 volts, to the terror of the man’s wife.

We believe that most police officers do a pretty good job. What we don’t like is the increased paranoia-state mentality in the country that is willing to tolerate more and more violations of basic freedoms in order to fight countless wars on this and that, from drugs and so on. What we absolutely fear are those entering law enforcement having zero attachment to defending liberty, instead defending laws that violate basic concepts of freedom, and create an environment that tolerates the “beat down” of those who question the legitimacy of what is happening to freedom, liberty, and — well, the right to question authority.

Watch the video and you decide. The time to question this environment, readers, is now — while you still can.

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