Eminent Domain Gone Wild

Pittsburgh residents are all too familiar with “eminent domain”, the constitutionally sanctioned practice where governments take private land for legitimate public uses. Traditionally, that’s meant things like roads and schools. Over the past several decades, however, governments have gone hog wild with eminent domain, routinely condemning property (or freezing its improvement for years like 5th and Forbes with highly publicized threats of confiscation and development plans) and turning it over to well-connected private developers as a way of subsidizing economic development and increasing tax revenues (never mind that the grand promises always come up well short).

Above is another clip from Drew Carey and Reason explaining the problem with an example in National City, California, where the government plans to bulldoze a popular athletic center for struggling kids to pave the way for private developers to build new luxury condos. As tragic and absurd as this may sound, such outrageous affronts to property rights are an almost daily occurrence.

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