More Consumer Freedom for Beer Sales

A recent poll was commissioned by the Malt Beverage Distributors Association of Pennsylvania [MBDAP] to gage public sentiment on allowing beer sales in supermarkets and convenience stores.

The poll, run by Terry Moddonna’s opinion research firm, found that a majority worried about increased underage drinking, although the figures were evenly split on allowing PA residents the same freedom as countless neighboring states where citizens don’t have to make extra stops to buy beer, and can buy the exact quantity desired vs. being forced to buy an entire case or an overpriced 6-pack at a bar.

The Post Gazette reports, “The group is opposed to beer being sold in supermarkets and convenience stores for both public safety and business reasons, (MBDAP President) Mr. (David) Shipula said.” Really? This wouldn’t have anything to do with the monopoly on beer sales in PA held by those Mr. Shipula represents? Really, is not Mr. Shipula representing the monopoly held by his membership’s Beer Cartel?

We agree with State Sen. Sean Logan, who dismissed the relevance of the poll suggesting “This sounds like somebody protecting their own turf.” No doubt, that’s what government power does so effectively for organizations that are able to buy such power from politicians — it goes hand in hand when your wealth, freedom, and liberties are consolidated and handed over to government.

As for public safety and underage drinking, we’d point out that neighboring states are not facing numbers any worse than those in PA despite their allowing consumers more freedom. We think it is high time to break the PA beer cartel’s strangle hold on beer sales.

Note: We also question the underage drinking age laws in the United States and PA. This prohibition has created its own problem where those under age 21 are still able to access alcohol in most cases, while learning to drink with other juveniles vs. with under the comparatively more responsible supervision among parents and close family friends, much like in Germany or other European countries where reckless underage drinking is far less common. When beer is not accessible, youth turn to other alternatives such as hard liquor or pharmaceutical and harder illegal drugs.

This is another example of failed prohibition in the United States, where common sense is abdicated to government force. Libertarian minded candidates will fight against this lunacy of those who think government can solve problems it instead makes much worse. Visit Choose Responsibility for more information on the benefits of changing the drinking laws in the U.S. for those under 21.

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