We Can’t Argue With Ron Paul

Why would a Libertarian Party website post a video of a Republican presidential candidate? He may be a Republican by Party, but he’s Libertarian by action.

Libertarians believe the job of government is exclusively to protect the freedom, liberty, and property of the individual. It believes the right of individual consent is far higher than the whims of voters and politicians. In other words, you should have the right to say “no thanks” to other who want to confiscate what rightfully belongs to you.

That doesn’t mean we stand for your right to do whatever you want. You must have the consent of others, and they must be of sound mind and body and not under threat of jail or physical violence.

Many Americans like the idea of this sort of freedom. Freedom with a government that protects your rights, but otherwise leaves you alone when you are respecting the right to consent of others. That is the Libertarian Philosophy of Freedom, and we hold it higher than any party affiliation. We are always true to it. That is why we can’t help but post a video of a fellow friend of liberty seeking to get our message out through the Republican party. Other republicans may not care about it, but ALL libertarians do!

Why not help us get our message out to others?

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