Pork Party in D.C. Goes on Unabated

Whichever of the two big parties running the majority at the asylum on the Potomac is not in charge tends to be for full disclosure of the details behind “earmarking” — the practice where politicians attach (hide, really) their own pet pork projects onto bigger bills with very important sounding names… Names that few dare vote against. Such pork was heavily attached to the recent Iraq troop funding bill, a news item that has made its round as of late. (Who would dare vote against funding the troops, right? Perfect earmarking opportunity!)

Of course, the Republicans — not being in charge any longer — are pushing for improved pork disclosure, and the democrats are against it, as the video discloses.

Without a doubt, both parties are guilty and this kind of nonsense goes back and forth, year after year. More and more wasteful pork spending is always winding up on the tabs of today’s taxpayers — and their children and grandchildren, who must find some way to pay the insurmountable debt that keeps getting piled onto their backs.

Maybe it really is time for a party that is truly for smaller government and taxpayer relieve — and FULL DISCLOSURE. Why not give us a shout today?

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