You Pay for Their Party

The $100 million for the political party conventions — $50 million for the Democratic convention in Denver and $50 million for the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn. — is included in a section described as “Katrina recovery, veterans’ care and for other purposes.”

Isn’t that nice. Nothing like lots of pork in a spending bill flying through Congress under the banner of “supporting our troops.”  Indeed, it was in the Iraq troop funding bill that this pork is being snuck through.

What’s most appalling is that taxpayers are forced to support the conventions of PRIVATE political parties. These are NOT government entities. These are private political parties.

With this kind of money flowing around at taxpayer expense, it is no wonder that the U.S. is confined to a two party system. Combined with the many restrictive laws that protect the two big parties and their incumbents, 3rd parties are presented with many deliberate hurdles to getting their message out.

Are you tired of this un-American activity?

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