Feeling Politically Homeless?


Did you Feel Politically Homeless in the Past Election? Have you had it with your vote being betrayed, or being forced with a lousy choice between the lesser of two evils?

Did you hate of being stuck with….

  • A Choice between the Bush War and mealy mouthed Democrat opposition?
  • A Choice Between a government that grows really, really fast vs. one that grows really, really, really fast??
  • A choice where both candidates fight over who can dream up the bigger government benefits and goodies — paid for with YOUR tax dollars – in order to win elections?
  • Each election being turned into an advance-auction of confiscated personal property and rights, confiscated via taxes and excessive regulations?
  • Republicans that promise fiscal responsibility, but when they get both houses of Congress AND the Presidency, they grow ALL spending faster than the Democrats ever would have dared??
  • Democrats who now want to raise taxes, further hamstring the free market, increase taxes on your energy bill, among a zillion other socialist, freedom killing ideas.
  • “Spending cuts” that are nothing but inconsequential reductions in the rapid rate of government growth?
  • Flips and flops, and back-flips and more flops, lies and half truth’s??

It is said, Garbage in = garbage out. Things won’t change if you keep rewarding the two big parties for their bad behavior.

If you have had it with the same old garbage, maybe it’s time to learn more about the Libertarian Party. We believe that governments should rule with the consent of the individual, not the other way around. Yet today it has become popular for all politicians to tout the benefits of populist democracy, without bothering to acknowledge that in a democracy the majority can vote for laws and regulations that violate freedom and liberty to ‘nth degree.

YOU HAVE A REAL ALTERNATIVE… Get involved! Click our Contact link on the left and get intouch!

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